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Congratulations Mary Derek and Dervla... Continued success from the gang in Watergrasshill!  Hope to see ye in the halla soon!


I just wanted to say I think you're a super group! I saw a video of Derek doing the Hucklebuck on a lorry and it brought me back to my youth when I was doing the Hucklebuck (amongst other things) with my husband to be (30 years married now).

Keep rocking!


You guys are the best, only found Rural TV recently and you are a breath of fresh air. When will you be in Dublin? I'd love to see the live experience.

L. Tate

I saw and heard you for the first time on Rural TV. You all sounded great and I thought Derek sounded not unlike Dominic Kirwan. I wish you a happy future x.

M. Ryan, New Zealand

Loved the song on U-Tube, it was lovely! It would be great if you and the family were preforming in the Bandon area soon as we would be first in the queue!


Colin and Orla

You guys are HUGE

Congratulations!!! Ye are fantastic! Doing our little village really proud.  Ye deserve it.  Can't wait to see ye on the Late Late Show. 

Sinead & Daniel

Hi Mary, Dervla and Derek,

Absolutely loved the show, keep up the good work, hope to see ye all in Galway soon!!


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Hello Crystalswing,

I love your music, would I be able to get a signed picture sent to me.

From your biggest fan in Cork.

D. Holland

Just wanted to say the CD is brilliant and I loved you on Rural TV the other night, I can only imagine what it must be like to have you performing at a party! You are all lovely!

A. O'Regan, London

I'd just like to say how much your music has brightened my life. I work in a really boring depressing place and this just lifts me up.

Thank you!

O. Hutchinson

This is FANtastic news for Crystal Swing. Couldn't have happened to a nicer family. Very well deserved. Very best wishes for the future.

Luv, Deirdre, Finbarr and all the gang.xxxx

Hi there,

myself and my fiancée saw your videos online and LOVED your energy and voices. I think you could really get the crowd at our wedding going so I am REALLY hoping you are available.


I was wondering if you travel as far as Donegal. I've seen your videos on YouTube and loved them.

M. Sweeney


Just wondering when your next public concert or gig we could attend is.

Thanks and good luck,


Just saw Derek do the hucklebuck on Youtube. Boy what a performer.  He' could be the next  Joe Dolan. Top class the lot of ye.

Demot, Australia

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Have you any gigs in Dublin in the future, I'm really enjoying your work.


I have been ill for quite some time and nothing has made me so happy as your great music...
Your videos are great! When are you going to play in Dublin?

L. O'Hanlon

I really love your music and style and would love to have u at my birthday party..thanks

A. Walker

Hi Guys,

I think what you are doing is a breath of fresh air. Will ye be playing any gigs in Kerry anytime soon? I would love to check out a live show.


I have just seen your recordings today and you have a outstanding show. I am from Co. Tyrone and I would love to see you come up here as your music would go down a treat.

M. Murphy

I received your CD as a gift from a colleague, and I love it! And so do all my other colleagues I have played it for. Big fan of your music and your site.

P. Enright

Well done, ye were great on Rural TV.

Fiachra O'Sullivan

Hi Mary,

I got your CDs and they are really good. I have not stopped playing them since I received them.

Thank you. Keep recording.

Jenny Timmins.

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Continued success in the future. We really enjoy your music.

Doreen and Stephen O'Donoghue

Mary, Derek and Dervla,

Like listening to your music on TV. You should come to Kinlochbervie and play sometime. Quite far away though.


Stuart Cooper


thank you for the beautiful entertainment at Larkins. Derek is tipped to be a big star. We look forward to meeting with ye very shortly at the Spring Hill Court Hotel.

With all our best wishes,

Michelle and Conor


thank you for the CD. I've listened to it and find it of excellent quality with a very good mix of music. Should do really well for you.

Pat Burke, UK

Hi Mary,

we will keep sending the requestes to the radio stations. Just love the two CDs. Together Again is our favourite song.

All the best.


Hi Mary,

I received your CDs on Friday and have not stopped playing them. They are fantastic. Also saw you on Hot Country on 279. You are a lovely group. I would also like to know how far up North you come to play. Many thanks again and I will keep playing your CDs and watching ye on TV.

I wish ye every success in the near future.

Linsey-Anne, NI

Saw you on Rural TV. Do you have a DVD on the market yet? Do you ever come to England?

Good luck,

Patrick Burke


thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment Derek and yourself provided for my birthday party at the Blarney Castle Hotel. Everyone's still talking about the brilliant night.

Joe Greene

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Hello Dervla,

I've seen you on Rural TV. You're a great singer. I'm into country music too. I hope to record a CD soon myself.

I was down in Cork two years ago. It's a lovely part of the country.

Owen Boylan, NI

Hi Dervla,

you were brilliant on the TV the other night. You looked like a real professional.

Ever think of taking up modelling?

Phyllis McGann

We always knew Mary and her family would make it big some day ! They are a wonderful family and great entertainers. You are a credit to your family.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Valerie , Fintan & all the Colemans

The best of luck to Mary, Derek and Dervla. Keep the good music going.

Always enjoy your show. Look forward to seeing ye in Midleton soon.

Derry Williamson

Well done on your website and achievements, think your great.

Keep up the good work. Love watching and listening to you.

James xxx

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your videos. Saw you for the first time on Hot Country on Monday night and it was a really enjoyable performance.

I recorded for Sharpe music for a number of years and loved the music business. Toured for ten years until I decided to become a priest!! Anyway keep up the good work and I would love to see you perform live sometime.

God bless,

Jason Kernohan

Enjoyed your website and the videos great credit to all of ye, not long until we are watching ye on the Late Late Show.

David, Keara and Breda

Mary, Derek and Dervla,

with best wishes for the continued success of 'Crystal Swing'. Delighted to see ye on Rural TV. A really proud moment for everyone in the parish.

Jim, Marian, Richard and all the Fitzgeralds

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ah stop, ye're brill. Oh my God, I'm so proud of ye. I'm always saying ye'll go far. Ask mother what face cream does she use, she's like a young one.

Well done to ye all

Deirdre McCarthy

Well done lads. That was fantastic. Well done again on the performance on 'Hot Country'.

Hilary O'Shea


Frances Connery

Wouldn't doubt the Derv. Well done

Amanda O'Shea

Derek, very good lad on Hot Country.

Fergal Duffy


you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Also, say well done to Derek Michael Jeremiah Burke and Mary Murray Burke

Elaine Power

That was MTV material on Hot Country. Ye looked very well. Dervla looked stunning.

Aileen O'Keeffe

Well done Derv (on Hot Country)

Mikey Savage

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ye were very good on TV.

Kevin O'Keeffe

Well done Dervla (on Rural TV).

Sharon O'Sullivan

Mary, Derek and Dervla,

Sincerest congrats on a truly magnificent and so wonderfully professional performance on Rural TV. It is great that such a global audience is being given the privilage of getting to know a unique musical family.

Thanks a million - very best wishes,

Sean Radley, LTV2, Millstreet, Co. Cork

Hi Mary,

I watched ye on Hot Country, very good, well done.

Billy Garde

Mary, you're looking fab as usual. Best wishes to you all. Keep up the good work.

Look forward to seeing ye all in Blarney soon.

Tim and all the gang

Lovely to see ye on Rural TV. Here's hoping ye get a good response.

The very best of luck.

Willie and Ita Fitzgerald, LTV2, Millstreet, Co. Cork

Well done to all.

Norma Woods

Fabulous show on Hot Country and very professional, ye all looked fab.

Deirdre O'Sullivan

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Mary, Derek, Dervla,

Congratulations! on your top class performance on "HOT COUNTRY".  Also your wonderful website. I love your music and continued success in the future.

We have met at your shows a few times. Looking forward to seeing you soon again.

Kathleen O'Donovan

Fantastic web site  and your cd is really excellent. Hope to see you live soon.

Best wishes.              

John Fitzgerald  

Mary, Derek, Dervala,

website  looking  good. Your  band  is  getting  better  by  the  day.
Looking  good  last night  on  the  country  music  show.

Best  wishes,

John,  Nora, and  the gang  x

Hi Mary/Dervla/Derek,

Just seen you on Hot Country and looked you up on YouTube.
What a breath of fresh air you are. I have seen many new bands all over Ireland for many years but there is something about Crystal Swing that just clicks.

Will we see you preform in the Donegal/Mayo area sometime?

Hugh Houston

Hi Mary,

well done on all your sucess. Brilliant entertainment in Lisgoold last weekend!
Best of luck for the future and 2010, we'll keep an ear out!

Rose, John and Heather Harte

Hi Mary,

Congratulations on your website. The amount of compliments we get about you and your band keeps increasing, the entertainment you give your audience is superb.

Keep up the good work.

From all at the Midleton Park Hotel & Spa

Hi Mary,

the web site is really good.

Regards to all and I wish you all the best for 2010.

Jim Hickey, Australia


Another month, another year,
Another smile, another tear,
Another winter, summer too,
But there will never be another you.

If luck is a raindrop I'd send you a shower.
If hope is a minute I'd send you an hour.
If happiness is a leaf I'd give you a tree and
If YOU need a FRIEND, YOU will AlWAYS have ME.

Best of luck,

Mary and Tom Gumley

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Very well set up website.  Best of luck always!!.

Jim and Kathleen O'Brien

Fabulous website!!! Great variety of tunes which we love listening to again and again. Wishing you continued success in the future.


Kevin and Sidney Conway & family

Congrats Mary on your new site. Many best wishs for the future to you and the Band.

Kind Thoughts

Ian Baikie

Crystal Swing, ye are absolutely outstanding. I have known all of you long before Crystal Swing came into existence & back then there was amazing unique talent shining through in each of you. Ye have provided endless hours of enjoyment for my parents & have been outstanding friends to us.

Liz Daly

Best wishes to Crystal Swing - not only a fantastic band but a great bunch of people and friends also :)  xOx

Tamara Broderick

Hi Mary, Derek and Dervla,

Both myself and my family love your new website and the new CD speaks for itself.  Can't wait to see your band soon, as we are always assured of a fantastic, memorable night - I don't think I ever leave the dance floor once Crystal Swing commence.

Deirdre O'Sullivan

We have seen Crystal Swing live on many occassions and the shows get better each time.
Best of luck with your new CD.

Best wishes from

Mike & Agnes

Congratulations on your latest CD. We wish ye every success in the future .We look forward to seeing ye playing soon.

Terry and Mandy

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Not only are Crystal Swing great entertainers but also great neighbours. We are so proud of them here in the village. (Think that deserves a half dozen eggs Derek. )

Ha. Luv ye lots. xxxx

Deirdre & Finbarr Mc Carthy

Great website. Enjoyed browsing through the photos. Best of luck with the C.D


Congratulations Mary and co!  Marvellous website.  Continued success to you all!

Clare O'Sullivan

Love the website.  Great work Mary and the best of luck with the CD!

Martina O'Sullivan

May we take this opportunity to congratulate you and your family on your recent CD launch in Midleton on 14th August. Mary - ye packed the Midleton Park. I'm so happy for ye. May your success multiply. Every good wish always.

God bless, Kathleen

We really enjoyed your show. It was a fantastic experience to meet you all so close to me. God bless your talents. If only all families were like yourselves.

Love, May and Mike

Congratulations on your new CD. We hear ye regularly on C103. Let this year be one of the best years of your lives.

Marian, Ken and family

What talent! Lovely to see young people like Derek and Dervla keeping young and old happy.

Continued success.


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