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What The Fans Say - 2
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Due to the unprecedented volume of emails and phone calls, we apologise that we cannot answer each one individually at the moment. However, we do intend to tackle the backlog and answer all in due course. Thank you for your patience.

Crystal Swing

Saw you on the late late never heard of you before that you were great really enjoyed you good luck to you all i know you will do really well, great energy and a real feel good factor i will make sure to see you again



just wanted to say thank you for putting a smile on my face in a week and times alot of people  are goin through job losses!!me in cluded as cabin crew with aerlingus!!ye were great on the late late show and that huckle buck o made me laugh and smile!!thanks!wish ye great times ahead!!:)

K. Duke

i had heard all the hullabaloo about ye on the radio earlier in the week and was interested to see what the fuss was about. im not a fan of country music but on a day when i get 6 weeks notice at work ye have made me smile and really cheered me up. good luck with yere futures and thanks.



You Guys rock!! =]

J. Grimes

Well done Crystal Swing

E. Shields

BRILLIANT performance on The Late Late Show. Keep it up guys!! :)

E. Sharkey

Just saw you all on Late Late Show. Absolutely brilliant! Definately what the country needs. You should revive the showband venues in Ireland..... definately would come and so would most people after seeing you on late late. Well done!

J. Brosnan

Well done ur brillent on da LATE LATE SHOW well done again!!!!!!    how do you do that with ur legs Derek


At last, something fun in the midst of all the gloom! And you're a real talent too. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing you on Late Late. Best of Luck!


I cannot WAIT to see you guys on the telly!!

Me and the guys at think you are absolutely FAB!! I just know you are going to be huge and if you ever plan to play at weddings, me and my special farmer want to know.

P.S, - I'll do the hucklebuck with Derek anytime he wants!


Comments are not supposed to be written by the band themselves.........

But I still think yer class... Derek ya mad thing!! Swing them hips crystal swing!!!

B. Barnacle

Got switched onto "He Drinks Tequilla" by a friend. Very nice music, nice feel, beautiful.

R. Villalobos. x.

Hi guys,

we just want to say you're the best. You totally silence those folk who make fun of Country and Western music.

Anyway, great job! Keep it up!

Liam and Marc

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Hopefully some day you will do a tour of Student Unions, come play here in Maynooth? Stall up sometime!

Also, you should get an official Facebook. Me and my friends thought that one was real, obviously isn't but. Awh man, get with the times Crystal Swing! Sure wasn't it the internet made you famous.

C. Brennan




Guys....came on expecting to have a laugh - but you seem to be having great fun, enjoying yourselves doing what you love - keep it up.

Oh and're gorgeous!!


I was blown away by "He Drinks Tequila". It's been too long since an Irish showband with such raw charisma has appeared on the scene. You guys are going to change everything.

E. Penzig

Congrats on your recent successes. Delighted to be associated with you over the years...looking forward to seeing you on the 'Late,Late'

Mary & Knockraha Variety Concert organisers,

PS thanks for your musical support again this year...very much appreciated.


My whole family think ye're brilliant! :D

L. Kehoe

Congratulations and best wishes to Crystal Swing


Lisgoold Leamlara Community Council.

Hello there guys. I love your video. Ye guys are brill.


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Hiya do you guys have a facebook page? saw a profile page not to sure if you guys set it up it looks a bit dodgy????


Thanks Sirena. No we don't have a Facebook page as yet so anything that's there is not ours.

- Crystal Swing

Wow. You guys blew me away! I've been swinging away to your crystal voices all day. Dublin South gives Crystal Swing Deuze Points! xoxox

T. Swanton

Hi Crystal Swing!

Its Aoife, Gemma and Lauren here. We are three fun lovin gals from Dublin coming to Cork city this Friday the 12th of March, we are just coming up for 1 night to see a concert but would love the chance to catch up with the Crystal Swing trio! ;) we have a soft spot for Derek :)bye!!

A. Devine

Hi All,

Just a quick hello to one and all....i love my music and have come to know of your band in recent weeks...the good and the bad press....sure what the're gettin out there and doin what ye love..a great feeling it of luck and enjoy the ride!!!

All the best in the future,


The best and only showband i've ever heard!!!Keep it up guys

P. Madden

Great performers! Your music gives my heart its license to soar...don't ever change!!!


Brilliant stuff folks, keep it up. This has opened a new generation to old classics.

S. Condon

Love the music esp He drinks tequila and she wears my ring! Man! I love that sound. Yessir!

B. O Fearghail

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Saw you on you tube yesterday have been humming "tequila"ever since. Love it. Great performance. Keep it up and good luck

S. Earle

Hello there Crystal Swing,

I fell upon your music from a Daniel O’Donnell link and was impressed righfully so.

God bless,

Joanne x

I must have watched your video a thousand times, Derek next time you are in Ennis, Clare  please look me up and we can drink Tequila together :-) xx

A. McMahon

Ah man, only of THE best new bands anywhere. You should be on the front of Hot Press or something, your music makes people happy all over the country when its needed most.

Stall up to Dublin. Aw man it'd be super. Introduced me to a whole new genre of music, I never knew of the showbands before.


Congratulations and best wishes to you. Looking forward to seeing you on the Late Late show. Best of luck for the future.

M. Power

Brilliant band, blown me away. I hope you stall to Donegal soon, me and my brother Charles are hooked! Yeah?

Come on up north, your music is more addictive than a bottle of Football Special and a proper blast from the past, first class.

I've been doing the Hucklebook all over the town.

M. Greene

You lads are great. A real highlight of my evenings sitting in the kitchen with the wife. Love singing along to your songs over a cup of tea. Keep up the good work.

M. Ward

I love you guys!

T. Wheeler

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Crystal swing...more like crystal meth... one hit and your hooked!!!  Finally, something myself and the kids can sit around and sing to.

Crystal Swing for Eurovision.

On a personal note, Mary you rock my world!

P. Keatley

Mary Dervla and Derek you are amazing. I saw the 'He drinks Tequila' video today on rural TV. Great stuff, hope to see you live in the US very soon. Derek I love your moves, you are a true showman. Dervla you have a marvelous voice. Mary you are mighty too.

Sergio in San Francisco

Hi - I'm a huge fan of yours but never get to see you live!


Rob, London

Every good wish for the future, you are great.

J. Tully

More duets please. He drinks tequila is great. Hey what about the whole 3 of you singing together - Great stuff.

Crystal Swing rock.


Very Good, just heard and found your music today, would like to see the show, live someday


Hi Mary,

Looking forward to seeing you on The Late Late. Fair play to you, I knew when I seen you all on Hot Country you would go all the way to the top.

Hugh and Pearl  

Well I luv Crysat Swing. They are the bomb and they're my neighbours so i luv them. Anyway, fair play to ye lads xox


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When are you coming over to Boston????


Deadly stuff guys! We're loving it out here in Palmerstown. Great on-stage chemistry. Stall in to Palmerstown some time!

D. Fallon

I think you guys are great. I'm one of your fans on Facebook but some people say its not real. Do you have a facebook site?

Good luck with everything you do. Best wishes from the UK.

Wishing you every success.


Thanks Tim. No we don't have a Facebook page as yet so anything that's there is not ours.

- Crystal Swing

Fantastic video lads. Can't wait to see you live in Dublin.

T. Flanagan

I recently seen your youtube clip of he drinks tequila (big fan) and was immediately impressed.

B. Kearney

I AM American living here in the UK...and I think they are great...!!! and that they are doing something ..for themselves....NOT JUST SITTING BACK AND WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN....GREAT ..GET THEM ON YOUR SHOW ELLEN..

Posted by Cheryl | March 4, 2010 3:15 AM - Ellen DeGeneres's, US chat show host, website

Derek u are my hero, everytime I see the video I take a shot of Tequila and he keeps talkin dirty in Spanish to me, keep up the great work!


Hi Crystal Swing,

just wanted to say ye are the band who are going to get young people back and swinging with some golden oldies. Derek is a great showman fairplay to him.

Well done to the 3 of ye, proud to be from  your county.

Sean & Niamh    

p.s. where can we get a t-shirt ?

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MINT stuff of ledgends.


Please come and play at my favourite venues. I absolutely adore your music. Mary, I am your biggest fan. Your the best xxx

D. Kivlehan

Love your music


Ye're absoloutely savage!
Im a drummer in a Galway band and love drumming along to He Drinks Tequila!

Keep up the inspiring work guys.

Y. Sheridan

Hey crystal swing, its a fellow Lisgooldian! Just want to say i wish you guys all the luck in the world!

R. Smart

This is a deserved rise to fame for these local legends. Derek can cut it with anyone as a singer. Keep up the great work!!

G. Poole

Hi folks,
congratulations on your success with the song. It's great to see fellow Cork people hitting the big stages.

Good Luck!

Ur music has hit Aberdeen!! Mary ur amazing u should ditch those too and branch out on your own!!


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Congrats all. How do you keep your feet on the ground? Have absolutely nothing done these days what with facebooking, twittering and you tubing. Life will never be the same again. Enjoy every moment.

K. O'Brien

Love you all. Sexy stuff all 3 of ye.
Can't wait to get my album

P. Molloy

I just want to say that we LOVE you and was wondering if you do weddings as we plan on getting married and don't think we could go ahead unless you played at our wedding. WE LOVE YOU - AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.

Darragh and Elaine

I think you are great. My sister is a nurse and she listens to your music in the ward during her night shift. She said to tell you guys that you are great also. My mother and father think your great also.

M. Lyons

On behalf of the Peoples Republic of Cork we all think you are really FAB x


I LOVE YOU DEREK..... Ill talk dirty to you in spanish anytime you want...


Hi Crystal Swing,

I just wanted to say, you guys rock. Me and the lads in our house near UCC listen to your downloaded cd every night. Its great way to get pumped up before we bust a move on the dancefloors of Cork city. Are ye going to perform in Kerry anytime soon? Is Dervla single???

Davy Mac

I saw the Beatles play in the Cavern Club, Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, Bob Dylan go electric at the Newport Folk Festival, and Nirvana in Sir Henrys.

I can honestly say that Crystal Swing blow the lot of them out of the water. Derek is going to be the biggest star in the world.


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Hi Crystal Swing,

have you ever been to Dublin? I'd love to see a show. Great movers , dynamite stuff. Even my Granny loves you and she is from Finland.



Really like Crystal Swing. Great to see young people doing country music.

J. Hegarty

Im getting used to listening to your great CDs. They are playing in our house all the time. Nana and granda love ye. Looking forward to going to your gigs when I'm older.   Love from your youngest fan,

R. McCarthy

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say how much i enjoy your music. It's so refreshing to hear a genuine Irish artist once again. Thank you for reviving the Irish music scene!!!!

p.s. Tell Derek he has a lovely face.

A. Lennon

My brother got me the CD for my birthday last month, and I cant stop playing it around the house. Its one of these cds that you just cant get tired of. Well done Crystal Swing.

A. Murphy

I just love 'he drinks tequila'. We have it playing in the office all the time. Love the music. Its so refreshing. Keep up the good work. I must definitely go to a performance some night soon.

N. McCoy

Howayee lads.

Just been listening to "he drinks tequila". I have it on repeat in the shop. Reminds me of me self.

Keep up the good work. 


I am working in Saudi Arabia at the moment and am listening to the CD's on my cd player. Great to get a touch of home so far away.

S. O'Shea

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I had Crystal swing at my 40th birthday party. Everybody was dancing and having a great night. What makes a party is people out enjoying themselves and Crysal Swing is your band. Can't wait for another party.

Best wishes to you all.

Mary Louise Mulcahy

Hi there,

I love He Drinks Tequila!


Glad to see you are keeping well and doing the Irish proud around the world. Is an international tour on the plans? We would love to see ye down under.

Orla and Eilis, New Zealand

I just want to say what a delight your music is. Nothing out these days captures the vibe you all can so easily create. I just want to say what an energetic and incredible voice Dervla has and such a fun attitude derek holds, it really does truly take me back, cheers again.

E Gein  

I am a huge U2, Arcade Fire, Muse and Dicky Rock fan but I must say there is something about your music and the overall performance that is compelling. Great to see gool old fashioned music making a comeback.

M. O'Brien

I dont really know how to explain it but i really lov your music. She drinks tequila is up there in one of my fav tracks of the year.

Best wishes


Well done Crystal Swing, ye were fab. Best of luck in 2010.

Norann, Margaret, and Pat

Just listened to the whole album and i rock and rolled my way about my day. Absolutely fab.

R. Mooney


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