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Due to the unprecedented volume of emails and phone calls, we apologise that we cannot answer each one individually at the moment. However, we do intend to tackle the backlog and answer all in due course. Thank you for your patience.

Crystal Swing

Love your songs, especially Dereks hucklebuck!
Got tickets for your show in Cork Opera House!
Cannot wait.


I love ye guys. I was at a friends fathers birthday where ye were playin and i was out on the floor all night. Im tryin to learn Dereks moves to the hucklebuck and finding it is  great party piece at every social occasion. keep up the good work.


I love Cyrstal swing. Derek has got some energy and I love his atttitude. I wish the band every success and your exactly what we need in the current climate in this country. Keep up the great work and all the best of luck for the future.


I wish you the best of luck. I have played drums in a band for years and ireland certainly needs talent like this.

J. Mahon

Your music is fantasic, good luck with the future.

Liam W

i love u u have fun at what u do and u entertan

A. Fox

Mary, Mike, Derek & Dervla.

Congrats on your fantastic Success . It is well deserved and just reward for many years of Hard Work .

All your Cousins in Whitegate are very Proud of You - So keep on Rockin !!!

Jim & Ber Reaney

Hi ya,
my sister and I love the song he drinks tequila. Derek you are a super dancer! Dervla you are a wonderful singer and your mom Mary is good
But Derek is the BEST!!
We LOVE you Derek.
Wish you the best in years to come.


Crystal Swing!

Youthful, Original, Ubiquitous, Radiant, Bashful, Amazing, Noteworthy, Delightful
Inspirational, Stylish,
Sensation, Happy, Imperious, Treasures.


I. Luddy

Saw you on the Elen DeGeneres Show only yesterday and thought you were great. Have just caught up with your Late Late appearance here today. Keep up the good work!


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I love you guys so much. Keep playing the really great music. All your songs are really smashing.

D. Breen

Well done to you Mary, and gang.  Stick with it. Delighted to see you yet again on TV. I hope all your dreams come true. Don't mind the begrudgers. Go for it and prove them wrong. Mary, I remember you when you came to Ballincurrig Nursing  home - my Dad loved to hear U.

M. Foley

Saw you on tv last night and now on you tube.  Any dates for England pref the north west, would love to see you.  Louis Walsh says your fantastic and wants you on the X factor.


I saw your Band on late late show very good I' m living near kells co meath. hope sometime you be in Greville arms hotel mullingar / the well in moate  w meath / Old Darnley lodge hotel Athboy Co Meath It be great to see up this part of the country

D. Reilly

Hi Mary,
Congratulations on your huge success. Hope it continues. I keep uptodate with your progress on the utube. Derek and Dervla are a credit to your.  Hope to catch you on show soon.


You are an inspiration to me, Derek. Before you came along I was the only one with nice white suits. Can't wait to see you in concert? Its gonna be BEAUTIFUL.


I can not find info about your gig in UH Limerick.Do you knoww where I can get tickets?


Hi Marguerite. Suggest you contact the venue directly - link

I love you...and doing the Hucklebuck!!! Big fan here in Ireland.


we are all such huge fans of your music, please please please come and play for us


Loving the tunes, keeps me comfy when I'm riding the buses and shopping for Fanta and crunchies


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I love Derek to bits, does he have a girlfriend? ;)


My cats love your music, and so do I, keep it up!

R. Loughnane

Pure talent lads and lasses, only saw the hucklebuck video on youtube the last night and it brought back a load of  fond memories from the aul showband days, keep it up and do jig on down to Galway bay and put on an aul midsummer concert!

D. Egan

I love country and western music, but I do think that Dervla has a Karen Carpenter voice and some of the Carpenter music would be a very valuable variation.  I don't  know what kind of dancing Derek could do, but he too has a great voice!  You guys are a breath of fresh air!!


Dervla you're the hottest girl ever! Call me if you ever make it to Toronto!

J. Pace

i love crystal swing.


Rumour has it Mary is leaving the band - That would be awful as half the fun of Crystal Swing is the fact that it is a whole family affair.  Mary don't leave - you have great talent and are an integral part of the "fun" that is Crystal Swing - dont change things The band is just brill as is


we really love ur music so much..excellent entertainment!!

P. Slattery

Hi, I'm Grainne. We're all crystal swingers here in Coolgreany and would love to see you's playing in our local pub. We miss the show bands. Please liven the village up for us again. Our local has a fantastic function room and stage which has had many performers such as The Late Johnny Loughery!! x


You have real talent, don t change.

J. Clancy

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Guys just want to say I think your great!! I heard the mam is leaving the band, please dont as it wouldnt be the same withour her!! Btw where is Daniel O Donnel in 'what the stars say'!!??





R. Stack

Congratulations to all of u the best of luck!!! x


I saw ye at the INEC in Killarney last night. Without a question the best act of the night. The crowd went wild when they came out. Couldn't get them off the stage then. :-)

Best of luck in the future.


Hey Crystal Swing!  I absolutely love your band!  I can't wait to see you perform!  The girls are lovely and the songs always get me dancing around my living room.  My kind of band!  All the best. 

Will, Cork

I love the CD.
Mary is great!
Derek though is my favourite! keep up the good work!

Maria from Kerry

Just to say I received my CD in the post today. Thank you very much for that and also your additional CD, really enjoyed it and if you are ever in the west I will definately be there

A. Kernaghan

I've just seen your appearance and Derek's performance on Ryan Tubridy's show - I loved it. Fair play to you all and I hope everything continues to go well for you.  Well Done and best of luck

Lisa, Nova Scotia, Canada

Omg Mary please don't leave the band please.


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Absolutely fantastic. Good, honest, decent music. And I wouldn't mind drinking Tequila with Dervla!

J. McAuliffe

Hey you guys are great - Dervla it would really make my day if you replied to my mail and said hi!! please


Mary, I think you are fantastic in the way you raised your kids-I'm proud to be Irish!!!

C. Phelan

brilliant preformance on the late late you are all true professionals love your moves in the audience cant wait to see you all live in Killarney the best of 2010 and im sure you have  lots more to come.. looking forward to seeing you flourish to world stardom.

cathy and ray killarney

Congrats ye're fantastic. Just wondering why ye don't post up ye're venues where ye're appearing. Are ye playing anytime soon, East Cork / West Waterford. Love to see ye.


derek is so sexy ;)

Roisin B

more dervla ;)

E. O'Callaghan

helo.. id just like to say , u are very enloyable .. keep rockin


Fond memories of the Hickey kitchen hooley. Great to see you doing so well. Fantastic, keep it up! Fans for life from New Zealand.

Ann and Joe Coffey

I really enjoyed your performance on the LLS and have just smiled again on the afternoon show. Thank you for bringing smiles to Irish eyes

H. McCarthy

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Hello I hope you see this as posative comment I only found you a few weeks ago on channel 279 hot country and today 20th march on U Tube the clip on 279 doen't do you justice the accustics in the venue where it was  recorded was all wrong waching the utube clips are top and I hope you go far


well done on your success enjoying your website and publicity on radio and T.V.
keep up the country music and hope to see ye soon in a venue nearby!!!
Best wishes and congrats

Batt, Julia and Eilish

Im just wondering if the Facebook page is actually run by crystal swing???  I would like this confirmed/denied by this site please as im convinced its not run by ye.



Thanks Niall. Crystal Swing have no official presence on Facebook. Our YouTube Channel, Crystal Swing Videos, is our only online presence outside of this website.

Crystal Swing

Mary and your kids,

congratulations on your achievements on the media sources. you are brillaint and wonderful entertainers. I watched you here in New York on the internet on the late late show and on ellen. you are great and looking forward to seeing you in new york very soon.

T. Clarke

Hi guys.

My wife saw your performance on the Late Late last week and she fell in love with Dearblas dress. She wants to know where you got it.

Many Thanks


hey guys !! sarah here from galway !! wow you guys are so great !! i love every minute of your performances.. keep up the great work ;) love sarah ps derek are you single?...

S. Hynes

Love your monthly performance in Blarney..
Hope we don`t lose you now that you are becoming famous..
Can`t wait to see you again.

Canovee group

just wondering if ye were planning on releasing a dvd?!  it would be very worthwhile!

S. Murphy

Hi all!
I'm just wondering if ye will be doing any gigs or festivals in the near future. I would love to attend i'm such a fan. Congratulations on your success
all the best


Great to see that Eire still has raw talent. Keep it up ......

M. Sweetman

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Congratulations on all the success. I've seen your YouTube video, watched The Late Late Show (online) and saw your video featured on the Ellen Show on Wednesday :-)

Michael Patrick Breen, LA

What a great band and family group, God bless you three from an oul Antrim man in his forties who  was brought up with Philly & Susan, .................. u Guys are unique


Well done lads. Fair play to yee we are a nation of begrudgers and mockers . In the times we are in at least yee are getting up and doing something about it and entertaining people. Good luck yo yee in the future .


Hi guys (especially dervla!) i love your songs and your living room/video setting. mary is a veteran of performing arts and dervla is one amazing singer (derek less so).

R. Spiers

Saw you on a snipit on The Ellen Show here in the U.S.  Then downloaded your video and Interview from YouTube. All I can say is WOW! Good for you guys. Wish you all the best.

Hillbilly In Tennessee

Crystal Swing 4 eva

Ulysess G Housefox

when are ye coming to castlebar??


Something new on the scene. Ye are talented and have a mission.  Well done - Ireland neds you.


Best of luck for the future.

M. Hayes


i really enjoyed the late late show performance.



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Am a huge fan - any chance you're coming to Killarney Co. Kerry in the near future? Love you Mary :)

M. Coffey

Move over Dickie Rock. Derek you can spit on me any day!!!

Can't wait to catch your show. long live the Showbands.xx

Sinead.L , Meath

Hey guys,

I loved your performance on the late late. I'm in a band myself and I hope to emulate your success one day.

Best of luck,

R. Cranley

Lads ye are absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work. Can't wait until ye come to Mayo

J. Sanders

Well done Mary and gang. We thought ye were all fantastic on the Late Late Show. Best of luck with the new CD and your music career.

Lots of love from your cousins

the O'Donovans in Bartlemy

I LOVE YOU GUYS! I have seen you twice! You are all so talented. keep up the good work team!

From John,
probably one of your biggest fans.

You are absolutely brilliant!  Such talent, I would safety say that you guys are going to be a huge success.  I actually emailed The Late Late Show performance to Crystal Gayle's website.  I hope she will take note!!!


when are ye coming to australia
ye are great just a breath of fresh air and so talented. great voices.

P. Garde

let me know when you are playing up the midlands. ( maynooth co kildare) thanks

F. Hennessey

i love your music, well done

B. Parsons

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I love Crystal Swing

R. Deegan

ye are really good and ye are good to put yourselves out there!

s. tuohy

Gwan lads! Any chance ye'll be coming up to the big schmoke soon? The music here's s***e!

P. Murphy

i think ye are mighty!

K. McDonnell

I just want to say I love you guys!!

N. Coates

Congrats on the success and best of Luck to you all.

D. Dolan

Comment from Dallas: Have never seen secondary school students wth such self-belief and confidence. Am so impressed in this day and age!  I wish you and your Mom every success for the future and I hope to see ye soon on US TV!


Fab to see such a young guy so entertaining for his age and such a cool group together.  Ye will go far! 

Yours sincerely,

K McLean

Fair play to ye - a breathe of fresh air in the current climate. I wish ye the very best of luck!

F. Blanchfield

Lads ye are fantastic! Keep up the good work! Do ye do pub gigs at weekends? Would love 2 go see you live sometime if you do.
All the best!

E. Kavanagh

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We were delighted to see you on the late late show. You were a credit to East Cork. I hope you'll have great sucess.

Well done,

Raymond and Kay Savage =]

hope you are multimillionair's by christmas!!!!

E. Canning

I saw you guys on the Late Late Show and thought ye were great. I've sent the You Tube video to all my friends and I agree with Derek "Bring Back the Show Bands". Wising you all continued success for years to come.

Fiona (26)

More Pics of Dervla shes hot!


id like to say fair play to the three of ye, im a kerryman but living in dublin just like to know the next time ye are playing in dublin? would love to see ye live:)

james o shea

Best Wishes and Congratulations


Paul, Toni and Sean

Well done ye look and sound absolutely fantastic. Its lovely to see a family out there using ye're talents. Hope to get to see ye sometime. Best of luck and keep the good old country music alive! Ye're brilliant.


Best wishes to all of you on your brillant venture and just to say how much i enjoy listening to ye. the sky is the limit .  Take care of each other along the way god bless

K. Beresford

Mary! You Irish Rose!


Hi just wondering if ye were playing anywhere around Cork in the near future.



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