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Crystal Swing performed for us at the Hydro Hotel, Lisdoonvarna last Sunday night and really brought the house down. Absolutely brilliant. We have promoted Ireland's greatest singing star, the late Joe Dolan, for over 25 years and their performance was up there with the best. It gave us great pleasure to book them, based on that performance, for our St Valentine's Music Festival in Westport on Friday and Saturday February 14/15 next. Our advice- if you have not been to a Crystal Swing show, go along to their next advertised show in your area. You will be blown away!

James Cafferty

OMG Mary what a fantastic performance by Crystal Swing, Paddy Cole, Sean O'Dowd, Brendan Shine, Gina & friends In Shanagolden. I meant what I said tonight when I said your son and daughter are a credit to the young people of Ireland, to see two young teenagers performing with the oldies from the Show band era was absolutely uplifting, we had a brilliant night well done to ye all as we can't wait to see ye in Limerick again soon, PG .

From Jacqueline

Thank you Mary, Derek, Dervla for the FANTASTIC performance u put on last night. I was so happy with all the requests u did for us. The feedback about ye is just phenomenal! You provided us with our dream wedding entertainment.

Love Keith & Kerry xx

great night at the dupont club on the 29th. 1st time seeing your act, OUTSTANDING.
Can't wait for your return dace.
Good luck.

Harry and Agnes

You well deserve all your success, you represent proper family values and the love for each other is evident in your performance

Paul, Galway

It's an honor to personally meet (plus a hand-shake with) you.... Such a lady indeed!


I have just watched your new DVD, and want to say how much I enjoyed it. Just like your first one, it was just sheer entertainment from start to finish. You can sing any song and make it sound so good and flawless, and in regard to Dervla's cover of How Great Thou Art . . . well, it just completely took my breath away! The only other version of this song I can think of that really bowled me over so was Elvis's version. I especially loved the way you presented your life story in photos and music. Have never seen those pics of you as kids before, and I was really impressed how you all seemed to take to performing music right from a very early age. I look forward to your next DVD. Keep up the good work, guys.

From Alan, a Merseyside fan and published writer


just like to say that you guys are absolutely fantastic and would love to see you all in Australia one day,thanks again,


We were lucky enough to have Crystal Swing play at our wedding and they were fantastic. No one left the dance floor. Amazing performance and the band catered for all ages. We could have asked for anything more. People are still talking about the brilliant music. Thank you xx

Edel and Paddy

Hi everyone in Crystal Swing congratulations on all your successes to date and I sincerely hope we can expect from you fairly soon maybe an original new album

Good Luck


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Listened to you on Mooney show/fan since 2010/60 year old father of full time band musician..keep doing what you do very well and dont go down xfactor road,your too good for that/stay true to yourselves
best of luck


We were lucky enough to have Crystal Swing play at our wedding and they were fantastic. No one left the dance floor. Amazing performance and the band catered for all ages. We could have asked for anything more. People are still talking about the brilliant music. Thank you xx

Edel and Paddy

Hello 'Crystal Swing'
Heartiest congratulations on your overwhelming success as a new Irish band both in Ireland and throughout the world. Although I've been aware of 'Crystal Swing' from the start, I only started listening to your music since the bands appearance on 'The Saturday Night Show recently. Boy! what I've been missing! I too loved the showband era. I grew up in Tipperary in the 70's and danced to all the greeat showbands of that time. Now, thanks to Derek for your love of the showband era, Dervla for your wonderful country singing voice and of course Mary for being the inspiration behind such a talented down to earth family band, I can re live those magical days long into the future. I do hope to get a chance to see you all at one of your live shows in the not too distant future.

Many thanks.

Best regards,

Jim (Tralee)

Just to say congrats once again on your appearance with B. O'Connor. You are all so natural and down-to-earth. It is great to hear people like you talk of faith and prayer - well done! You are an inspiration in an Ireland that's forgetting about God.

M. O'Sullivan

I just watched you on the Saturday Night Show. Such a lovely family! Mary, it is wonderful that you are so honest about your faith, like Katie Taylor. Dervla, you gave the best rendition ever of 'How Great Thou Art'. Derek, a great performance of the new song. Thanks guys! I really enjoyed it!

Aine Marie

Greetings from Dublin. The best of luck to you all. Its nice to see a new band with so much life and fun.

Philip and Grainne

Mary, Derek and Dervla,
ye gave a breathtaking performance tonight. My wife and I saw ye in castlebar last week at the highland radio concert where ye won th hearts of 2000 people. Tonight ye won another 900. Well done and we will come to see ye again. we didn't get to talk to ye as ye were so busy.

Brendan and Anne

Many thanks to you Mary for making this possible, you have touched all our hearts with your lovely way and your sincerity. All at Penny Dinners send their love especially the folk who come to eat, in particular the ladies you spoke to last time who felt you really listened to them and that you cared. They have huge respect for you. Love to you Mary and to Derek and Dervla...

Penny Dinners Cork

Hi Mary...

Congratulations on your appearance on the People of the Year "Cork Penny Dinners" sequence last night. Your comment on the dignity of the overall project was so very appropriate. Kindest regards to all the Family

Very best wishes


well done on a worthy nomination last night. It was a splendid show and we were over the moon to see Penny Dinners receive their award. You spoke very well and your family can be very proud of you. Keep up the good work.


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Excellent show again last night in Meanus and in Glenroe on Thursday. Ye have us worn out from dancing. We'll see ye again soon. We watched The People of The Year on playback today. Fair play Mary, you spoke from the heart.

Maureen and Denis

Nice to see you on the People of the year show last night. A very worthy charity.


Hi Derek,
Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for appearing on Mastermind on behalf of MS patients. I was diagnosed with the illness myself two years ago when I was 32. I really appreciate you making this effort on my behalf. Well done, Derek, you're a star.

Ella C

Hi folks,

just wanted to congratulate you on a magnificent appearance at the Country Fest in Donegal. First time I have experienced your performance and I hope it won't be the last. I am from the North, Co. Antrim, so hope to see you up here soon. Well done!


Happy 21st Brrthday Derek.


Just want to say I love your new song "another mans Bride". Lovely to watch the love between you all when you are singing - long may it last- and lots of luck to you in the future. Derek and Dervla are a fantastic duo - should do more duets as both of you have great voices.


Do you have plans to come to Australia, in partciular Melbourne ?


Hiya, love your music, When are you coming to England ?????


Best of luck for the future. Keep up the good work.
One woman band to top group in the country.
Keep it country


Hi Mary

We just wanted to say thank you all so much for singing at our wedding, we are just back from honeymoon but we had a ball and everyone is still raving about you guys and how much fun they had. You were all sensational and just made the wedding for us. The energy you brought to the wedding was unbelievable, it was like a concert at one point with everyone on the dance floor. I think one girl almost tore a hamstring trying to outdo Derek in the hucklebuck!

Honestly thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts we were just delighted with the whole night.

Best regards

Emma & Conor

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Seen u at the Bracken Court Hotel Balbriggan last friday and we have never seen a band to have people on the floor, from the moment u got on stage till after u left! we even danced all the way home! What a great nite we had! thanks. please come back.

Hey Mary, Derek and Dervla.

Just a short note to say how wonderful it was to perform with you guys last week. You are the nicest people I have met in music and you are terrific singers and entertainers - you had the floor absolutely hopping!

All the very best

from Ronnie

Hi Crystal Swing

I am looking forward to show on thursday 15th september in Glenroe co. limerick,

Ye are very nice people and put on a great show.

See ye in glenroe.


hey crystal swing ,,, im one of your biggest fans yeyyyyyyyy ,,,,, i love all of ye ,,, i ahev been to most pf your gigs and you are billiant


Hi Crystal Swing

Well done to Mary on doing well on celebrity head chef. I purchased 2 tickets for me and a friend to see ye at glenroe harvest festival. I have seen ye twice before and look forward to seeing ye again in september. Keep up great work.


Love, love Mary on Celebrity Head Chef - what a lovely gentle lady.


We cannot describe in words how much we love you guys and how proud we are of your family's success. We are avid fans from the US and want you to tour so bad! Absolutely loved the insanity of your last video, and all of you looked like rockstars. We love you so much <3 Keep swingin'!

Devon and Darien

Will you ever tour America? My children and myself LOVE all of you! Please come!


Hi Guys,

Just want to say I think ye are brill and the new video is fab. Will ye be playing in the Rochestown area in Cork during the Summer. All the best, Ann.


Hi Ann. Thanks for your kind remarks. Keep an eye on our Live Dates page for all our shows.

hey guys :D,
i loooove the band and i saw yous at dunderry fair on sunday and yous were unreal :D i must say my favourite of the band is derek, iff he sees this :you are a absolute ledgend nd class at everything :) <3  soo are you all (:


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I cant wait to buy new single. Will crystal swing be signing copies of the cd anywhere in limerick?


Hi Sean. You can download the new single now (click here). The single will be released on Friday 13/5/11. Don't know yet if we'll be signing in Limerick. Keep an eye on our 'Live Dates' page.

Hi guys,

I just want to say ye were brilliant last night on the Late Late Show, and I love the new single Total Eclipse of the Heart that ye performed.


Hi Crystal Swing.

I watched your video last night on telly. I loved it. Nice to see a different side to crystal swing.

Best wishes with new song

from Sean in limerick.

Hi Mary,Derek,Dervla

the new song & video is great you looked gorgeous and dervla realy nice as well derek in gold took me back to elvis and jerry lee lewis , you realy are awsome mary.

Take care


Congrats again Crystals. It just gets better and better. Rock on!

Kathleen and Jim

You guys rock. Very impressed by your enjoyment of music.



I recently located your group on the internet.  Absolutely beautiful music and nice family dynamic.  Wondering if you might ever connect with PBS TV in North America (I am in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada).  I became huge fan of Daniel O'Donnell that way, have most of his CDs now. 

Thank you. 


Friendships come and friendships go, like waves upon the sand

Like day and night, like birds in flight,
Like snowflakes when they land
But you and I are something else, our friendships here to stay
Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away.

Best wishes Mary, Derek and Dervla

from Freda and Martin xxx

Wishing you all a great St. Patrick's day. If I was younger I'd go with you on a world tour. I continue to follow your progress on the web. Wishing you all good things in the future.

Kindest regards!!


I am your biggest fan!!
I live in Midleton and so i saw the support everyones given to you there my big brother actually goes to the same school that derek went too so its a huge honour to actually have seen you inspirations walking around town!!!
thanks for the brill music guys loving it,

Back to Top

I am your number 1 fan!!! I think you guys are amazing - I've been practicing Derek's hucklebuck non-stop since I first saw him do it. I'm going to see you in Crumlin soon and can't wait. Perhaps we could do the hucklebuck together Derek? I'd enjoy that!




ye are such a lovely family, well done. You are an inspiration to all women and looking so good. I hope ye do well for many years to come. Thank you for last night at the Opera House.


Johnny xx

brilliant band


Hi Mary & Kids,

this is your favorite American cousin. Finally got the chance to check out the website, watched the  Ellen video  which was FABULOUS!! I am so proud of you & love you all.  I wish you continued success.  Call me if you need a manager or assistant!!



PS-kiss to Mike!

Just spent the last hour playing all your stuff on YouTube.  You are all Ambassadors of Happiness!!!  Keep spreading the Joy!

Warm Regards

Jim & Annette

Love your stuff your gonna have to come to Galway in love with Derek his singin drops my jawwwww


Tks a mil 4 everyting. Ye made the day even extra special, the whole of Kenmare are still talkin about crystal swing. oh! and the wedding! Outstanding.
If ye are ever passing I'd love to meet ye again. Long may yere success continue, ye are amazing people.

Tomas & Michelle !!!

Hi Mary, Derek & Dervla,

Last weekend I got a chance to see a recording of y'all with Lucy .  Well done on having the energy for such a brilliant life.  (And by the way, Mary - if you ever feel you have nothing to do, you can always hoover my house - at four in the morning - Ha Ha !)

Warm regards,

Jim. xxx

Fantastic show. Really enjoyed Living with Lucy.

Michael John. 

Congrats and well done. You all looked fab.  


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Mary ye were fantastic. Derek is so funny. Love him. Ye were amazing. It came across brilliant. So glad for ye. If anyone deserves this ye do. A lot of hard work but well worth it. 

Denise xxxxx

Mary, you are like a sister to your kids. Love you all. Ye were brilliant on Living with Lucy.

Daniel  xxxx

Truly brilliant television documentary on a most inspiring family..Sincere congrats to all. Kindest regards


Ye looked lovely on the RTE guide Mary. We're so delighted for ye. Good luck to ye.

Mary and Tim


Ye played at my brother-in-law's wedding in Kenmare last Friday. I just wanted to say thank you for a great night. My three daughers had a great night too. Would have loved to meet and thank ye at the end but the kids were tired and we left early.

Thanks again.



I'm a big fan, will you be singing in cobh anytime soon? if so what dates and where? Thanks


Thanks Jennifer. Check our 'Live Dates' page regularly for upcoming gigs in your area.


Just want to say that Living with Lucy was fantastic and as I found out when I met all of ye including Dad- ye are great  people and living with Lucy was brilliant- good man Derek - great results and continued success



Mary, see you on the Lucy show  last night. All of you could take up acting. I keep track of your movements on the pc . Your website is growing by the day. I'm delighted for you as Lucy said you are such a' NICE ' family. Crystal Swing are getting more famous all the time.

Best of luck for the future to you all!!!!



I just want to comment on last night's tv programme, living with Lucy, it was fantastic, I loved every minute of it, I hope you all are proud of yourselves, I seen ye on utube a long time ago and have been a fan ever since, continued success to ye for many many years. 


Your music is an inspiration to me.
Hugs and kisses.


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When are you coming to America?


We hope you're having an amazing holiday season.


Hi Mary, Dervla, Derek,
just saw you on hot country AWSOME !!!
you gals/guy (sorry derek) are sure going to give us a great start to 2011

all take care, safe journeys


Hi, I'm a HUGE fan !! i LOVE ye!! Fair play to ye aswell!! Could ye please sign something for me ?? I would LOVE it!!
From Ye'r HUGE FAN,

Sarah G!

Up for the Match - RTÉ 1 TV 18/9/10
Hi Mary and all the gang,
just saw ye on tv for up for the match. Lovely, catchy song. Fair play to ye. Well done. Must say you looked very well yourself.

X Patrick

Up for the Match - RTÉ 1 TV 18/9/10
Love the song, love the style. Ye looked and sounded great. Listened to the song five or six times already. Din and Orlagh dancing mad to it. Really Catchy - definitely a hit.


Everyone in the Lalor Centre would like to say a very big 'Thank You' for visiting us in the centre during your trip to Baltinglass to play in the street festival. We all had a great time, we enjoyed the singing, dancing and the chat. We wish ye the very best for the future. Thanks again

Service Users of the Lalor Centre

We were at your gig in Conways London on Sat we spoke at the end. Just want to tell you how much we enjoyed the show. Hopefully will be able to see you all again soon.


Hi All
I live in Lancashire, UK. Came across you on YouTube, then bought best years of our lives and hucklebuck. You are absolutely fabulous. I used to go watch the showbands when they came over here in the 60s, 70s. Your music takes me back and this sound has been missing a long time.

Can't wait too see you January in The Royal Theatre, Castlebar.


G'day Crystal Swing,
I'd just like to say that Derek, you are a absolute fox. You can teach me the hucklebuck anyday.

Love, your no. one aussie fan.
Kylie xxxxxxo

hi crystal swing

saw ye in baltinglass. ye were amazin.

love u all,

love shauna xXxx

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I met you Dervla in Tralee last night !!! Your a fabulous girl and your band are gr8 !!!

Best Wishes





Met up wth ye today at Pontoon lake {outside Castlebar Co Mayo} it was a real pleasure  and I wish you all the very best of luck in the  business for many years to come .You are great people and a brilliant band.

Continued Good Luck to Crystal Swing and Up MAYO and maybe {sligo}

Kind Regards



I live in australia. I think you are great.


Congrats, keep the flag flying for East Cork, really great show, watched ye in Durrow,  mighty stuff, keep it rocking,


i love crystal swing so much saw dem in durrow at the howya festival nd dey were brill

derek is de best dancer

ill keep on hucklebuckling



Dear Crystal Swing,

you are my favorite singers :) I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your music and to keep up the great work!

I can't wait to see you on Celebrity Bainisteoir Derek!


I went to see you guys in the Ashbourne Hotel - Great night!!! It was brilliant - you are all great singers.

Will defo be going to see you again soon!!!


I would just like to say, I was at your show in OB's in Kilross and i thought it was fantastic it was the best night out that I had in a long time.

I would also like to say that your support acts were fantastic also, i especially enjoyed philip english.

hope to see ye again soon


Hi Crystal Swing,

I was at at your concert in OB's Kilross on saturday 24/7/2010. It was brilliant. It was my second time seeing you in concert. I saw you in UCH Limerick in May 2010. I thought your support acts were brilliant too esp Philip English.
Best wishes to you in the future


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I am going to OB's Kilross on the 24th july to see ye in concert for the second time. I saw ye in uch limerick back in may 2010. Ye were brilliant that night and i no ye will be even better in kilross.

See ye then


Hey, Crystal Swing!! I'm a HUGE FAN OF YE! I met Mary And Dervla in Mahon Point in April!! I'm going to see your'e performance in Clonmel in September, CANT WAIT! See ye then!!

Sarah G



I was playing a show in Cork recently and heard you guys on the radio. You Rawk!



I just want to say that ye are brilliant and seen ye in hudson bay in athlone for the hot country awards and had my photo taken with ye. ye are a very nice family and just want to say keep up the good work and well done for getting this far,



Huge Fan! Every time I hear  your songs I want to get up and dance! Terrific energy, really love it.


Fantastic !  I love your music !


Hello ! OMG I think ye`r Brillant !! I bought ye`r cds t-shirts ! I love ye  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3


I watched you sing 'He Drinks Tequila' on the Ellen DeGeneres show.   You are so fabulous!!!



I only discovered Crystal Swing last night via a comment on Facebook, and I think they are fantastic, just the sort of energetic entertainment we are so desperately short of these days.  I wondered if they had any plans to tour here in the U.K. at all.


Thanks for your kind comments Barbara. Keep an eye on our 'Live Dates' page for details of our appearances.

Crystal Swing

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