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Due to the unprecedented volume of emails and phone calls, we apologise that we cannot answer each one individually at the moment. However, we do intend to tackle the backlog and answer all in due course. Thank you for your patience.

Crystal Swing

Lena was a very good winner in the Eurovision last night.  You guys would be amazing to represent Ireland next year in Germany.  Please Go For It!  You have far better voices and stage presence than Lena!!


hiya derek is a legend



in 1985 my parents brought me under protest to the Limerick Rock 'N Roll club. I was 14 and loved it. I'm now 39 and cabin crew with Aer Lingus.When I saw Cyrstal Swing on Ellen on tv in the U.S. I rang my dad. He listened on the phone from home.

Well done. I was very proud. You now have 2 new fans.


I would like to buy a cd but can not find any here in South Africa. What can I do to get one?


Hi Gert. CDs can be purchased from this site - link.

I love you, I think your such good singers!!! especially dervla, and derek's legs, ohhhh..... Mary who does you hair???? I'll be in middleton over the summer with my friend Kelly, I cant wait to see ye then.

all my love

Catherine xx

Hello, I'd love to see you perform but would yous ever do a gig in the north of ireland ?


Hi Crystal Swing,

I'm an American living in Sweden and just can't give up Ellen and I so glad I haven't.  I got to see you folks on her show.  You are talented and the most gracious people.

I hope you enjoyed your stay in California, my home state, and have many fond memories.

Good luck,


Well done Mary, Derek and Dervla! Great show last night in Letterkenny! I woke up in mighty form this morning!

Hope to see you in Kilross, Co. Tipperary!
I live in Bundoran so would love to see a date on your tour list for Bundoran. My mother will come up again from Limerick!

Best wishes,


Heya .......................................
What time will ye be in Hmv in Cork on Sat ?


Hi Rebecca. We'll be there from 3pm. See you there.

Congratulations  on  wonderful  Show  Last   Night  in  Royal  Theatre  Castlebar.  Hope  you  will  be  back  very  soon  again.

Seamus and John

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Watching you on the ellen show. Ye did Lisgoold proud. Ye are fantastic.


love the band and music


My mam and i were at your concert in The University Concert Hall in Limerick on thursday 13/5/2010. Ye were brilliant. We met ye after the show. Ye are really nice people. Best  wishes in the future.

Sean Denihan.

Saw your show at Hazel Hotel on 15th May great show. Will go to show in Ballybunion on 23rd to see you all again

John O'Sullivan

Congratulations on a fabulous show. can't wait for the next one.  Thanks Dervla for signing tee shirt, really loved shania twain number - more next time please. can't wait for late late. 


Hi Mary, Derek and Dervla,

I really enjoyed Friday night. It  was a brilliant night and it was lovely meeting with you all. Your 1st CD is excellent - I really enjoyed all the tracks. I look forward to seeing you on 26th May on Nationwide and the Late Late on 28th.



Saw ye last night in the Opera House in Cork.
It was so entertaining. Fabuous show, loved your hucklebuck derek, recommend your show to everyone!


Hi Mary, Derek & Dervla -

Greetings from Wellington. Last night we enjoyed the Foster & Allen show here and asked if they had seen you perform much to our delight they said you had done a show with them. Great news you are certainly getting known now. We are following with interest . Love to all

Joe & Ann Coffey

Really enjoyed ye're show in Waterford last night. Ye were absolutely fantastic. Wishing ye the best of luck and hope things keep getting better and better for ye. Ye deserve it.


Saw CS last night in UL - What a fantastic show from the brilliant warm up acts to CS themselves - never ending energy and chemistry between the group!  Met them after the show such nice humble people wish ye all the best for the future x


I heard your music and the interview with Frank Mitchell in Belfast. You sound like great fun. I would would like to wish you all well. it's great.


Ye guys are the greatest thing since the Neil the band and especially Derek!

All the best,


Greetings from Claregalway! Love your music,  have all the ladies swooning with my version of the legendary Hucklebuck!


Hi from Maine. Going out on my boat this morning, they played your record on the radio. The dj said youre on a postage stamp. Wow! you guys have come far.

Tom McKeay
Maine USA

Gwan derek you sexy beast;)


Hello Crystal Swing

I`m yer no1 fan !!!!! I love yer album !!!! Yer great


Rebecca xxx

Hi crystal swing,

what a show your simply fantastic. I watched videos on computer. It's great. I've been into this type of music for 20 years. Keep it up. You will do great business. I will buy your cds.

Thanks again and God bless

Bill (Scotland)


Im from Finland. Just saw you on The Ellen DeGeneres show. Never heard you before but GREAT MUSIC, keep going on!!!! Hopefully the Ellen show brings you success overseas!! You are genuine, keep that even and you WILL get GREAT success! I got to get your records somehow. All the best to you.


Where can I buy your song the best years of your life ( the song you sung on the Ellen D show ) thanks


Hi Harley. The first song we performed on The Ellen DeGeneres show was 'He Drinks Tequila' and can be downloaded from here - link. The second song we performed was 'The Hucklebuck' which we do not have recorded.

- Crystal Swing.

Keep up the good music Guys. Looking Forward to the gig in Waterford.

Walter Morrissey




I think im in love with dervla. seriously no p**s take. what a voice. she is beautiful and such a singer. i seen her on youtube and on tv. just beautiful and such an amazing voice. please pass this on to her. not in a creepy way but there is a guy who would love to sing harmony with her properly.


Crystal swing were unreal at the UCC open day :) fair play lads  . . . :)


you guys are great!!
im from UCC saw u today, weak for you guys!

Derek is great and Mary wow!!
IF I was only a few years older!!


wondering will ye be playing in the galway mayo area soon


Hi Tom. Check out the 'Live Dates' page on this site for details.

Hi Mary...
Cant wait to see you in UCC tomorrow... think you are the sexiest woman iv ever seen...maybe we could grab a coffee after your gig??ill be the guy in the front row wearing a super tight t-shirt(i have massive guns)...
all my love...i drink tequila


hey do you have a list of dates of venues you  guys are playing in, could you let me know if you will be near the co meath area?  you would make my mam a very happy women if she got to see ye live hasnt stopped talking about ye since the late late show interview, best of luck to ye.


Hi Aishling. Check out the 'Live Dates' page on this site for details.

I love crystal swing!!!
you guys have to do up some posters!!!
I'll give you pride of place in my room :)

Keep up the good work, cant wait to see you in Cork!!

S. Power

Wooo go crystal swing ya mad things


Just want to congratulate you all on your appearance on the Ellen show. Well done, you did us proud. Can't wait to go to see you when your in the Dublin area xxx


Heard you on Eastcoast Radio this morning so pulled you up on Youtube, thought you guys were great so linked it ot Facebook too, all the very best for the future and look forward to hearing more of your music.


Hello Crystal Swing,

I am a great fan of yours. I am going to see you in the opera house,  I would love a photograph taken  with ye.  Ye were fantastic on the Llate Late Show. Derek was brilliant singing.


Mary, Derek and Dervla,

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your performance on the Ellen Show.  "He Drinks Tequila" is stuck in my brain now.  =)  That is one catchy song!  Best wishes to you!  I live in Rochester, New York, so I'm afraid I won't be able to catch any of your live performances.  =(


Mary, Derek and Dervla, I'd just like to say a huge well done to the three of ye after everything ye've achieved over the past number of weeks/months. All yer friends are SO proud of ye. The negative comments are nothing to be embarrassed about (although it'd be nice to be without them!). Keep it up

F. Finn

I just purchased your Best of Our Lives album , ordered it here in NH.  I am of Irish ancestry and visited the relatives over there in 1994.  I will be anxious to play your music to my sons, especially "He drinks Tequila". 

P. Shubelka

hey fellas!
i just wanted to say that i find ye to be incredibly talented and deserve everything ye get
reach for the stars my friends!!!


Can you please inform me of any dates you may be playing in Northern Ireland.



Hi Vivienne. Keep an eye on our 'Live Dates' page for details - link.

Hi Crystal Swing!

I think ye are just brilliant! I met Mary and Dervla today (18/4/2010) in Mahon Point, Cork ! Thanks so much for the photo ! Please come to Clonmel, Co.Tipperary soon! I REALLY want to see ye live! Keep singing and dancing!

Love from Sarah G,


fab fab welldone to them

P. Harte

I was able to see you on the Ellen Degeneres show and you guys were great. I DVR'd it and watch it frequently. 

Great Job and best of luck to you.

David G
Houston , Texas

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I am delighted to see you all  doing so well,fantastic band. If you could bottle the "feel good factor" that you have,it would be bought all over the world. Wel done on promoting Ireland and Cork,what great ambassadors you all are. Hope to see playing soon. P.S. My 4yr old son sings Tequilla!

A. Nagle

Best Thing since the Judds.  Family talent is such a hard thing to find these days.  You definately belong in the same group as the Jackson 5, The Judds, The Carpenters, Just  ignore all these bad comments of jealousy.

P. Archer

If I had a venue for you to work here in Detroit, MI, USA, I would definately book you.  Saw you on Ellen and fell in love with you guys immediately.  Want to buy your album but would love an autographed copy before you get too big to sign those.  The best of luck to all and aim to the sky.

P. Archer

Hi Crystal Swing,
can't wait to see you with all my friends when ye come to Limerick. Ye are brilliant!!!

Joanne, Sarah and Aisling.
ps: is Derek single ???

You guys are wonderful and a massive well done on The Ellen Show. Enjoy the future, keep your feet on the ground and whatever happens can only be a truly positive experience.
Many congrats

Damien and family

I just wanted to say i think ye ar fantastic and ye make me proud to be irish. Thank you for bringing fun, music and dance back into our lives. I think ye are so talented and wated to wish ye all the best. I loved seeing ye on Ellen. Wow.Am going to see ye in concert cant wait! fair play guys:)


Mary and gang,
first of all well done on the ellen show - ye made me so proud. Derek, you really can shake those knees.... I'm just wondering if ye will be doing a pub gig in Cork. I've seen ye in Ballinagree before ye were famous.
Again well done.

#1 fan

I saw you this week on Ellen and loved Tequila.  The three of you are so unique.  Derek is a hoot with his wiggly legs.  Don't let anyone criticize you or put you down.  Remember they booed Elvis for years before people finally "got him".  So just keep doing what you do   Come over to Canada soon.


You're appearance on the Ellen show only enhances what a lot of us know. Top talent, top performers, not to mention easy on the eye !!! Pleeeeease come to Clare soon.

H. Brigdale, Co. Clare

Hello Mary, Dervla and Derek.

I am absolutely thrilled with the way ye have handled the publicity and the fame since ye performed in Corrin Event Centre.  I am delighted with the way ye performed on TV in the USA.  I hope that ye will be able to handle the fame and the money!

J.J. Bunyan

Congratulations to ye all. Its great to see some great talent come out of Ireland. It would be great if ye got the band scene going again in halls around the country. Looking forward to seeing ye in Waterford. Well done its a joy to watch and listen to ye. Its just plain fun with talent of course.

Breda, Waterford

Hey there Mary, Derek and Dervla,

Congratulations on the sucess. Ye were great on the Ellen show, really enjoyed it.

Best of Luck in the Future

Your No1 Fan,
Stevo (Dublin)

Well done to you all, I think ye are absolutely a credit to yourselves and your country.  Keep it up and feck the begrudgers.

Michelle, Cork

I think you are all amazing - I listen to you every morning before work and you really lift my spirits! You have a great energy about you and you are very talented. Please do not take to heart any negative comments on the web - some people can be quite nasty. Anyway, i wish you all the very best.


Congrats to Crystal Swing , absolutely brilliant performers. I hope ye have even more success .

Ken, Dublin

I would just like too say fair play to ye . ye are absolutly brilliant singers. keep up the good work and all the best for the future


I would just like too say fair play to ye . Ye are absolutly brilliant singers. Keep up the good work and all the best for the future.


Congratulations on your success, hope your enjoying the ride! Gas seeing you on Ellen. Keep up the good work and keep making the country both proud and smiling.

L. Doran

love ye.. Esspecially Derek ;) He is GORGEOUS!!
When are you guys coming to Sligo?I really want to see ye preform live!!XXXXXXXXXx

J. Gilligan

Hey you guys,

just watching ye in school.  Couldn't stop smiling at ye we think yer FAB keep up the good work and come visit macroom.

Meghan and Claire

Fair play to ye lads, best of luck with it all.

E. Quinlan

Just to say how much myself and my mother enjoyed your appearance on the Ellen show.


Congratulations from New York.

Noelle Wang

Please, Please, Please, Do`nt forget us in Belfast, Northern ireland cos we love you too.

Sean McKeever

America loves you. Best of luck in the future.

Tom Jones

FINALLLY! Some real music from Cork I can appreciate!! Watching that interview on Ellen brought me to tears. Im in love with all 3 of u and ur talent. Thanks for showing the world what Cork really has to offer! Derek, you are an absolute champ! Teach me some of those moves! Look me up on facebook!

Eoghan Kelly of Cork

I will deffinatley be buying your album on iTunes, its great to see such a happy and talented family! I wish you all the luck and successin the future!

Congrats on meeting Ellen! I have a good feeling about you guys!


Nick (Age 18 from Sheffield, England, UK)

Hi lads

Congrats on all your success, pay no attention to those knocking you - look at all the tv shows you have been on !!

Great stuff, best of luck to you all


You guys are amazing hopefully soon we will be able to purchase your cd's in Canada


I love your music and Derek ;)
I can't wait to see you guys in Cork and I love watching the Ellen show interview over and over!!

Go Crystal Swing!!!

Eimear (Bruff)

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When and where will I be able to purchase your CD's in the United States, soon I hope??

Janet Bariteau

OMG!!! Me and my mom saw you guyz on Ellen and you rock!!! Everyone around Toronto is talking about how amazing you guys are! Crystal Swing are the AC Milan of the music world! Thank you guyz sooo much for brightening up my day... p.s. I LOVE DEREK!!! ...

Maria from Toronto, Canada :o)

Just wanted to say congratulations on your wonderful Ellen interview and performance. You're doing the country proud!

Lynda D

You guys are like "bottled joy" and make people laugh & smile.  How great! We need more of you instead of listening to stuff about Anglo & Nama. I saw you all on Ellen and I'm sure everyone in the tourist industry must love you for the interest you have created in Ireland as a holiday destination.

Aine Maire Ui Chuirc

Greetings. You are great! I saw you on Ellen, on April .12TH. I have been playinig, "He Drinks Tequila" all day long. I was at the library this afternoon. I told everyone about the band. I plan on buying your CD's as soon as I can. I may be 64 years young. But! I do still have good ear.

Mike Allen

Hello Mary, Dervla and Derek,

I saw you on Ellen today then went directly to your Website and have looked at all of  your television appearances and radio interviews.  You are the "real deal."  A lovely and talented family.  Good job mother Mary!  Outstanding voice Dervla.  Love your energy Derek.


Hi there,

I am an aussie living in Darwin Australia and I, before today, have never heard of your band, however enjoying the day off work i watched the ellen degeneres show and yeah OMG you guys were on it and are fantastic, i want to buy your album, I loved the energy in it.


Just love your music.


Just want to know if you ever plan on touring in Sydney, Australia?


When are you coming to Canada ...your great@!!!!!!!

R. Bee

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I first saw you on Ellen and fell in love! Spreading the word, keep it up!

Megan Atkinson

I cannot find your albums here in Canada I have looked far and wide.Your music style  brings back a lot of memories.


I saw y'all on Ellen and I loved the song.  I came on line to listen to more of your music and I saw that it benefits MS of Ireland.  I have had MS for about 20 years, so thanks. 

Houston, Texas

Just saw you on Ellen and had to seek you out on the web! Fantastic stuff! You've a new fan in Mississippi, USA!

Joe Harris

I am from Co. Clare but living in Toronto Canada for the last 6 years. I am off work at the moment on mat leave and always watch Ellen with a cup of tea at 10am (while baby is sleeping!). I was WEAK to see ye this morning. Congratulations to ye lads. No doubt the future will be bright.


well done lads ye are a credit to Ireland long live Crystal Swing!!! x


My name is Patrick Wall, a country and blues singer. I love your style. I think that you will revive the Showband era. Keep up the great work. I love your versions of "Crying time", "Sweet dream" and "Such a night" - "South of the border" as well. Keep up the good work.

Patric xx

Hey guys,

I think you are fab. I'm in the music buisness too and its very hard listning to all the begrudgers but my answer is, if ye can do better off ye go. I have a song on utube at the moment - it's a song for Haiti by the doves. I'ts for charity.

I wish you guys all the best in the world.

C. O'Gorman

Thank you for the amazing music!


Just want to say you guys are great!!



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